Liam & a double decker bus

Peter, Janet & Kate in the bus

Henry the VIII lived here with his six wifes

Gold gates behind the castle

The River Thames in the background

That's a house boat...

It has probably never left this site...

Enjoying the "London sun"

Janet and Genevieve

The "London Eye" in the background

One of the "capsules" of the London Eye

That's a great job...

Trafalgar Square

Notice the Brazilian Flag???

Buckingham Palace

The Big Ben

10 Downing Street

St Paul's Cathedral

London Tower Bridge

'The Guerkin'

Liam and Henry

Always chasing that football...

With some of Kate's friends having a pizza

Somewher in London...

Typical London pub in the background

Emma, Janet, Peter, Celeste and Liam

Emma and Celeste live in London. Cel and Liam went to creche together when we lived in Chile

Shakespeare's house

Liam "cutting off" Emma's head...

Pay-back... Celeste cutting off Liam's head...

Dressed up to see England play in a pub

Inside the "Tower of London"

He wants to be a guard...

And he wants to be a king...

With a Beefeater

Not sure if the raven was scared or if Liam was

At a restaurant with the White's

Trevor, Sam, Charlie and Seb (he is our godson) were also in England during the World Cup, so we just went to catch up

Liam feeding the doves outside Windsor Castle along the Thames

... more dove feeding

us in fron of Windsor Castle

... and again

The guards heading up to the castle for the shift change

... and coming back...

London Weather