In Germany we spent most of the time at Fabiene's (also known as Fafa) place. She has two boys, Thomas and Thiago and was married to one of Peter's cousin's.


"Finally got the tickets"

After going to the wrong place (we went to Allianz Stadium) we had to go back to the Olympic Park where FFA was setup in a caravan to hand over the tickets

Aichach - that's where Fabiene, Thomas and Thiago live

- close to Augsburg and only 30 min from Munich


Thiago & Peter

Thiago and Thomas

Thomas and Angelika

They are good friends of Fabiene. All around the laptop checking out the photos from the matches

On the way to our first big event

Australia x Brasil

Marienplatz Station

Liam met some 'mates'...

A sea of green and gold

It didn't matter where you look, the colours were the same

Janet & Liam with Alianz Stadium in the background

Alianz Stadium

Janet on stage

Janet & Liam up on the stage

Brazilian or Australian songs - everyone had a great time...

It's true...

that's what it means in brazilian...

The crowd

This guy lost a bet...

he was dressed up as a Kangaroo and we saw him at each game

The match


The Socceroos were staying in this town and they only trained twice with public access. We were there for one of them

The gate in fron of the town

Here he is again...

Socceroos' bus arrives at training session

Guus Hidding coming into the field with the Socceroos

Socceroos training

George Negus

and Janet sneaks into the photo...

Archie Thaompson

Bret Emerton with Thiago and Liam

Mark Miligan

Mark Schwarzer

Josh Kennedy

Mixing with the opposition

Accessing the Stadium in Stuttgart

The Aussie crowd

Signing the National Anthem

The match

Feels like a Victory

The crowd goes wild

Janet & Liam go wild

After the match

... and we are through the next phase

After the match

Security was enjoying the whole athmosphere

A group of Aussies...

At Legoland Germany

Liam even got his drivers license

after some theory he did the practical test to get his license

Proudly showing off his drivers license

This was one way to get close to Ronaldinho

The Allianz Stadium

One million pieces to make this exact scale replica of the Allianz Stadium


Even Einstein was made of Lego pieces...

A 180 degree view of Legoland

Weather in Munich